iGVi P2 atomizer uses Stainless steel Material and German Made Food Grade P.C,Compared with traditional coil, IGVI P2 mesh coil has a wide heating area,which can heat evenly and absorb e-liquid effectively, and it ensures you preferable flavor and huge vapor.

What's more, the mesh coil has a longer life span.


Mesh coil can increase a contact area with cotton, faster heating speed,e-juice can be vaporized more sufficiently, compares with tradition coil, mesh coil avoids the coil wastage which limited heating area of tradition coil, prolong coil lifetime. 

iGVi P2 provides large cloud and dense flavor, bring an unprecedented vaping experience. 




Unwarming Food Grade P.C. Tube

iGVi P2 atomizer uses German Made Food Grade P.C, resistants to high temperature and breaking, no hot feeling into mouth while vaping.





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