The Livepor 230 Box with user-friendly operation mode, accurate temperature control function, 1.33 inch IPS color screen, faster than 0.01 second' igniting speed, lightweight by new material, dual 18650 batteries mod, the maximum power output is 230W. It has 6 modes: POWER, TC, BYPASS, CURVE, TCR, and MEMORY. Adjust the TCR for further accuracy, new CURVE mode will bring you the great vaping enjoyment.  The ergonomic design is available in a variety of colors and offers a wonderful vaping experience.



Easy operation

Humanized operation design, press fire button 3 times continuously enter into the menu, choose by ”+” or ”-” button, confirm by fire button




Comfortable big fire button




1.33inch IPS color screen, wide-set screen configuration allows for all-around viewing angles




Continues Livepor family Lightweight style.


No excess metal, with dual 18650 batteries, compact and portable.






which embodies ergonomic design


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